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Enigma is a thrilling, sexually charged and highly erotic read, bringing to life sexual fantasies that most can only dream about.

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Series: The Enigma Trilogy, Book 1
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance, Marital Heat

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Mark and Lucy Fuller have a great marriage, or so they think. But there is always room for improvement and there is one side to their marriage that they have never discussed or indulged in and that is their fantasies. When Lucy is referred to a new club where they can enact their fantasies, albeit only be intimate with one another, they become members and discover a whole new side to their marriage with some interesting and positive results.


Mark had no idea being kidnapped by his wife could be so arousing or that she could spank so well. Caution! When you read about Mark and Lucy’s sexual fantasies you may need that cold shower. Join them on a wet, wild and deliciously sensual ride and dare to wonder about your own.

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“That really was something else watching you through a peephole, Mark,” I tell him as we come home from our latest fantasy.

“I know. It was extremely hot spying on my wife masturbating,” he says. “And just when did you get your clit pierced? I think I would have noticed that before. I know men get blamed for not noticing things like a new hairdo, but you definitely didn’t have it before this little sex-capade, I’m sure.”

I give him one of my naughty smiles. “Oh, I had it done especially for this scenario, considering you were going to be looking at my crotch so much. Do you like?”

“Of course. It’s a stunning piece of jewelry for a gorgeous part of your body. I think I will continue to enjoy looking at it. Did it make a difference when you put your vibrator on it?”

I put my arms around his neck and lean up to kiss him. “Yes, but I’d rather your tongue was round it,” I say huskily and he laughs.

“I’m glad my tongue’s better than a vibrator.”

“You know that’s not what I meant.” I stroke his cheeks and look into his eyes. “I’m so pleased we’re being so honest with each other, Mark. It makes me realize what we have and how much I love you. And you’ve given me three beautiful kids.”

He kisses me quickly on the lips, sensing I may be going somewhere with this as he knows me so well.

“I didn’t mind helping you create those at all.”

“No? Shall we go for number four?”

And there we have it. Will he go for it?

He looks at me. “Do you want another baby?”

“It would be quite nice to even things up and have another little girl, but I am completely happy if you don’t want to.”

He considers it for a moment. “We really do have beautiful kids, the mischievous little sods, and it would be nice to have another daughter. I certainly don’t mind the trying.”

I kiss him in excitement. “I did tell you I loved you, didn’t I?”


He hugs me tight to him and rests his chin on top of my head.

“It’s my fantasy next, remember, wife,” he says, patting me on the ass. “And I want to be kidnapped and used by a dominant woman.”

I pull back and look up at him.

“Do you indeed?” Then I smile. “I think I’m going to really enjoy this one. We’d better plan it in detail with Sarah.”


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About Vanessa Liebe

Vanessa Liebe Author PicVanessa Liebe is the author of fun, sexy erotic romance and erotica, both contemporary and historical. She mostly writes in the Fantasy and Paranormal categories as she likes a man with bite.

Vanessa is married with three children and resides in Hampshire, South East England. When not house training her children, reading or writing, she likes to sit in the garden with a glass of rose wine.

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