A collection of the top rock/metal artists that have used Mesa Boogie Amps live or in the studio.

10.  Killswitch Engage – Lead guitarist Joel Stroetzel has used various mesa boogie amps including the Dual and Triple Rectifiers as well as the Stiletto series amps.  Patrick Lachman, lead vocalist and and rhythm guitarist tours regularly with his Triple Rectifier.

9.  Mastodon – Bassist Troy Sanders of Mastodon is known to use the Mesa Big Block 750 bass head with Mesa Boogie cabinets as well.

8.  Coheed and Cambria –  Travis and Claudio both use the Mesa Boogie Stiletto as well as the Dual and Triple Rectifier.

7.  As I Lay Dying –  Phil Sgrosso is know for using various Mesa Boogie cabinets.

6.  Thrice –  Though Thrice has recently been using the Marshall JCM series amps, their choice early on was the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

5.  Korn –   The Triple Rectifiers get used both live and in studio by artists Head and Munky.

4.  Sepultura –  Lead singer Andreas Kisser uses a triaxis preamp and a strategy 500 power amp.

3.  Tool –  Lead guitarist Adam Jones has been know to use a Dual Rectifier in live situations.

2.  Alice in Chains –  Jerry Cantrell has been known to use a Dual Rectifier on occasion.

1.  Metallica –  Lead singer and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield has been known to use many different models of the Mesa Boogie line, most notable being his use of the Mesa Boogie Mark series amps.  Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett used Marshall amps early on, but phased into using the Mesa Boogie Mark series as well.

While not responsible for these artists careers, Mesa Boogie amps have certainly helped them achieve their musical voice over the years.

Source by Tom Salerno