Arm tattoos can be a great way for men, especially, to draw attention to muscular shoulders, biceps and triceps. Because of this fact, arm and shoulder tattoos have become increasingly popular among men in modern society. When choosing a tattoo for your arm, though, you need to be careful about which design you choose since tattoos are virtually permanent. The trends that we have seen in recent years point to tribal and ethnic arm tattoos among a majority of men.

Tribal tattoos are great for drawing attention to arm muscles because they often involve patterns, designs, and swirls that are hard to miss. They tend to demonstrate a sense of strength, roughness and aggression. Men who choose these tribal tattoos feel that women respond more to the aggressive image conveyed by the tattoos. Although not technically tribal, Chinese characters have also become especially popular. In many cases, men have combined tribal tattoos with certain Chinese lettering to create unique and powerful designs.

If you choose to use Chinese lettering, be sure to check the meaning of the characters prior to having them tattoo the symbols to your body. No one wants to invest in a tattoo only to find out it means something embarrassing or less appealing than intended. Although many tattoo artists are not experts in Chinese characters, it is often possible to find the meanings of many popular characters on the Internet.

Also, you should be absolutely positive that you truly want a tattoo prior to visiting a tattoo studio. Tattoos can only be removed through surgery that is both expensive and painful. Expect to pay at least double the cost of actually getting the tattoo if you decide to have it removed surgically later. Having a tattoo removed can also be extremely painful depending on the area of the body where the tattoo exists.

Another important factor to consider is that, if you are choosing an arm tattoo to accentuate your biceps, you must stay in shape. Imagine requesting a tattoo to draw the ladies’ attention to your arm muscles only to gain weight and become fat a year later. The result would be a tattoo that has stretched and now draws attention to a lack of muscle tone. Obviously, this would be the complete opposite effect than was originally desired and the only solutions would be to live with the tattoo, exercise and attempt to get back in shape, or have the tattoo surgically removed.

Source by Dave Wilks