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As the Industrial Revoltion sweeps across the land, three adventuresome women will be transformed when they become “mill girls”

Daughter of the Loom–Forced to work in the mill as her only means of survival, Lilly Armbruster is deeply resentful of the powerful mill owners she believes forced her father’s premature death. Lily is torn, however, when she discovers her one-time betrothed is one with the “lords of the loom.” With her heart conflicted, Lilly’s faith will be put to the test.

A Fragile Design–Fleeing the life of the Shakers, Arabella Newberry finds a taste of freedom working in the mills. But her greatest desire is for true equality for all mill girls, which puts her at odds with the dashing Taylor Manning. When several girls go missing, will she endanger more than her heart?

These Tangled Threads–Daughtie Winfield is outspoken in her support for the mill girls struggling for better working conditions and the immigrants on the other side of town. Dissention and upheaval threaten the future of the textile industry, but it is her growing friendship with Liam Donahue, a local artisan, that plays havoc with the love she yearns for.