So you want a tattoo. You’ve decided your ready to get it. You’ve even got an idea in mind of what you’d like it to look like. You’ve even begun looking for a reputable artist to do the work. Have you considered the pain of getting a tattoo done. Too often we think yeah, I want a tattoo and run with the idea, without taking into consideration the amount of pain that can be associated with it.

Some people will have no issues getting tattoos. They’ve got a high pain tolerance, or it’s a combination of a higher pain tolerance and a minimally painful placement for the tattoo. That’s right, depending on where you get your tattoo done on your body, changes the amount of pain you may or may not experience.

Places that are close to bone, or have less fat covering the area are exceptionally painful, as the tattoo gun can actually reverberate through the bones making it that much more painful. There is also less area to absorb the pain, when it’s done closer to bone.

Spots like the tailbone, the foot, or the collar bone can be the most painful of places to get a tattoo done. The hip bones can be particularly painful as well, as there is not a lot of tissue and fat covering the area.

Spaces that are least painful are on someone else. All joking aside, anywhere that there is a fair amount of meat covering the bones can be relatively painless.

When looking at the pain of the tattoo, it is important to keep in mind just what a tattoo is. It is a whole bunch of needles running over your skin over and over again. Some people have no issues with the pain, others state that it is the outlining done in black is the most painful, no matter where it is done. And for most people this is true. And it is because the black outlining is typically done a few layers deeper into the skin, therefore increasing the associated pain.

If you’re looking to get a tattoo, keeping in mind your own pain tolerance is very important. While some people are able to cover every inch of their bodies with tattoos and never complain about the pain, others can only withstand the smallest of tattoos in the least painful places on the body. Know your own pain tolerance ahead of time and you should be just fine.

Source by Sylvia Rolfe