Brass is the most common metal used in creating belt buckles. That is because it’s strong, malleable and resembles gold in terms of its color. However, despite its features, brass metal can be easily tarnished. You may have noticed that your accessory is not as shiny as it was before. That is due to tarnishes accumulating in the surface. Hence there is a need of polishing it from time to time. Here are some tips on polishing brass belt buckle on your own.

Apply Ketchup. There is strong evidence that ketchup can help polish brass buckles. Squirt an ample amount of ketchup into your brass metal buckle and rub it off. Remove excess ketchup with water or damp cloth.

Use cold water in washing or rinsing. If you decide to run your brass belt buckle into water, it is preferable to use cold water instead of warm. Cold water reduces the possibility of destroying the lacquered plating on your buckle.

In using detergent. Always dilute detergent with water and never apply it directly on the brass buckle. It can stain other materials used in your brass such as enamel inlays. Detergents are also hard to remove when lodged in between crevices which might lead you to soak the belt buckle in water for long.

Make Homemade Mixtures. Mix one teaspoon of salt to ½ cup vinegar. Add enough flour to make a paste that can easily be applied to your belt buckles. With ample amount of the mixture, cover the belt buckle and leave it there for 10 minutes and let the paste mixture do the work in dissolving the tarnish. Rinse it thoroughly and buff the buckle with dry cloth.

Never use abrasives. There are times when stubborn dirt are hard to remove by washing alone, you may use soft bristled brush in removing them but never use abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or tough bristled tooth brush. How stubborn the stain or tarnish is, it is not recommended to brush them off with abrasives, especially if it is a fashion accessory. You might end up regretting cleaning your buckle after you have seen it’s full of scratches and damages.

Buff it dry. For a nice polish, instead of letting the buckle dry on its own, buff it with a cotton cloth until it shines.

Brass makes the perfect material for military belt buckle, celtic buckles and a lot more buckle design. However, as beautiful as they are, brass can easily be tarnished. It requires constant care and polishing every now and then.

Source by Adonis Murray