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Under the Bed brings you outstanding horror fiction and art every month–12 months a year. Under the Bed also features horror lit and film reviews, interviews, news, opinion pieces, and whatever else we think you’ll dig.

We explore classic themes and new concepts to bring you terrifying fiction, fresh voices, and disturbingly creepy art. We take horror seriously, but aren’t above lighthearted horror nerdery. Look for parody ads, (and real ads–we offer FREE ad space to indie authors, artists, and filmmakers), flash and micro fic, and our Letters to the Editor section. We love fan mail, and sort of love clever hate mail.

Monthly subscriptions are only $1.99 an issue, or $3.99 an issue to pick and choose just the ones you like.

Why you’d want to miss an issue though, is beyond our understanding…

Under the Bed is available in PDF, MOBI and ePUB formats. Coming soon to Apple.

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