Tattoos in general have been gaining more and more popularity lately. People keep getting more tattoos with more tattoo parlors opening. Unfortunately, some just get a tattoo for the heck of it and in the end the tattoo is meaningless. However, if you are a Libra the Libra tattoo is a great idea as it represents you.

First, you should learn a little bit about the zodiac symbol before anything. The Libra is the seventh of twelve signs of the zodiac. They symbol corresponds to the constellation Libra. The symbol of the Libra is depicted as a scale. The Libra glyph consists of two horizontal lines. The top has a half circle in the middle of it and the omega symbol is sometimes used in place of it. This glyph represents the sunrise.

Now, the Libra is an air element and is associated with the planet Venus. The Libra is usually associated with the ancient Greek story of the goddess of justice Astraea. Astraea had scales to hold the balance of weights and deeds of the humans on Earth. The Libra is sometimes associated with other Greek stories. However, this is rare and the important representation is the scales more so than the person holding the scales.

When designing or picking your Libra tattoo, you really only have to worry about including one of two things. You can either include the scale or the glyph. The possibilities are really endless on how to include these into your designs. It will really depend on your ideas and beliefs. For instance, you could be a Christian and you might have an image of Christ holding the scale. In the end, you will want to be creative and really make the tattoo unique to you.

The Libra is a very unique person. As such, they should come up with a tattoo that is unique to them. Remember, the scale and the glyph are the major representations of a Libra. The planet of the Libra is Venus and the element is air. The Libran story has Greek routes. Taking this all in along with your own ideas and beliefs will create a truly unique tattoo that represents who you are.

Source by Sarah Arlington