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***From USA Today Bestselling Author Andrew Watts comes a high-octane thriller made for fans of Lee Child and Vince Flynn.***

When Charles Fend announces the Fend 100 aircraft, the world’s first fully autonomous commercial airliner, he is praised for being a pioneer in aviation history. The Fend 100 will bring a new dawn of commercial flying to the world. One where human pilots are replaced by AI machines that will navigate over 100,000 flights per day. The first flight is expected to be a celebratory spectacle – the Fend headquarters crowded with news teams, technology lovers, and aviation enthusiasts. The atmosphere is jovial, everyone eager to celebrate.

Until something goes terribly wrong.

A mysterious cyber attack on the Fend network creates questions and chaos…

Who is responsible?

Is it the wealthy ex-KGB agent, Pavel Morozov, who has shown up from a past Charles had long-forgotten?

Or is it Charles’ son Max, the top suspect on the FBI’s short list?

Just who is Max Fend?

Is he the man that the media makes him out to be – the wild playboy son of an aerospace tycoon? Or is he what the FBI suspects – an international criminal, mixed up in a Russian espionage game?

And the biggest question of all – why is there a top secret personnel file on Max Fend that even his FBI investigator isn’t allowed to see?

GLIDEPATH is a race to uncover the truth, before it comes crashing down from above…