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Chloe McGarry moves from her home in California, to a village and estate in England steeped in history and mystery. She has never been lucky in love, and to her surprise she meets not one, but two lovely guys. They are both interested in her and become her dearest friends. She falls in love with both of them and they with her. One of them, Tristan, is especially enigmatic, he has been keeping a secret for eight hundred years, and as Chloe forms a relationship with him she helps him unravel his heritage. There are dangers around every corner as her other love, Oliver is mistaken for Tristan by an ancient family of Magi, bent on collecting a debt owed to them from the eleven hundreds. The three, brought together by danger and adventure, as well as love, become close friends.
Life goes on around the estate but the magic that has followed Tristan all of his life continues to threaten his very existence.
Chloe must travel in time to save him as she realizes how much she loves him. Oliver in love with her, helps her in the quest to free Tristan from the magic spell, only to lose himself.
The romantic adventure has many twists and turns. Ordinary life is peppered with magic and love.