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How to make a quick Tattoo Design from Reference Books

Do you imagine this is cracked ! It’s easy to make hundreds of tattoo designs using just few reference books . With 3-5 books you can make almost unlimited amount of interesting tattoo designs. You can mix many designs in…

Brutally Honest Shutdown Of Marmite Tattoo Designs!! | Tattoo Fixers

I like this is wild !!! Becca needs the perfect tattoo for her love of Marmite! Watch the episode on All 4:

3 Canvases, 9 Tattoo Design Options | Ink Master: Redemption (Season 4)

Oh my! think this is crazy :O Duffy, Christian, and Jime each show three human canvases the tattoo designs they came up with. Who will pick which tattoo design? Decisions, decisions.

LaurDIY Designs a New Tattoo For A Tattoo Pro

Omg! I see this is mad :O LaurDIY meets up with tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste to design a new tattoo for a tattoo pro’s 25th tattoo! Romeo (tattoo artist): …

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